Trends in San Francisco Wedding Photography

Outdoor Venues are All the Rage

San Francisco’s stunning outdoor locations have always been popular, but they’re now more in demand than ever before. Couples are increasingly looking for venues that provide the perfect backdrop for their special day. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and the Palace of Fine Arts are now amongst the most popular outdoor locations for wedding photoshoots, as couples find the natural light and greenery great for capturing those unique, special celebrations. Enhance your study by checking out the suggested external source. There, you’ll find additional and valuable information to broaden your understanding of the subject., take a look!

A Renewed Focus on Candid Shots

In 2021, couples are looking to capture natural, candid moments rather than posed portraits, with photographers now focusing more on capturing genuine emotional exchanges rather than arranged ones. Photographers are now moving away from traditional poses, and taking more naturally lit photographs of the couples in between posed shots. This trend has caught on in San Francisco as well, with photographers offering packages that include candid moments during the ceremony and throughout the reception to create lasting memories for couples to look back upon.

Artistic ‘Film-Like’ Photography

San Francisco’s wedding photographers have become immensely popular for their artistic perspective in capturing a special wedding day like a film. The trend now is to recreate the classic film look, with higher contrast black and white images and softer colors. This has led to a renewed interest in the timeless art of film photography, with photographers offering their clients the best of modern technology and the quality of classic photography. This method of photography is great for couples looking for a timeless documentary style that will look great when shared with friends, families and future generations.

Drone Photography is Going Mainstream

Drone-based wedding photography and videography capture a bird’s-eye view of the venue, guests, and the bride and groom on their special day, providing a stunning and unique perspective of the event. In San Francisco, photographers are using drones to capture not only the stunning scenery but also creative ways to capture the happy couple with the city as the backdrop. Drone photography provides a truly unique and revolutionary way to capture the entire event, with each and every ceremony and celebration being recorded from a never-before-seen vantage point.


San Francisco’s wedding photographers are at the forefront of the latest trends in wedding photography, from candid shots to drone photography. The trends mentioned here – of spontaneous, natural poses, larger-than-life venues, and cinematic aesthetics – are all here to stay. Couples looking for lasting memories of their big day can benefit from these trends in creating those great moments to cherish forever. Gain further insights about wedding photographer San Francisco with this external source.

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