Air Duct Installation and Connections 1

Air Duct Installation and Connections

There are numerous elements to an Air Duct. There may be the board, the Turning vanes, and the joints. After which there are the connections to the other elements of the system. This text will present an outline of all the parts of an Air Duct system. It additionally explains how an Air Duct works. So learn on! Listed here are some things to think about earlier than getting started. This article may also assist you to to establish the totally different parts of an Air Duct system. When you have any kind of issues relating to exactly where and how you can employ Clean Ducts & Vents, you possibly can contact us at the page.

Air Duct board

The air duct board is a pressed fiberglass sheet with binder and is usually utilized in heating and cooling techniques. Its R-values are 4, 6, and eight and its dimensions are 4′ x 8′ or 10′ x 10. The duct board is then reduce into squares and put in in a system, providing an environment friendly path for airflow. It may be bought in many differing kinds and sizes. Some are even reusable.

Turning vanes

When installing new turning vanes, it is very important comply with the proper procedure and ensure that the meeting suits securely into the air duct. It is because the vane assembly will likely be secured to the air duct elbow, which is usually troublesome to turn. The assembly may be further difficult by the fact that it comprises a number of components that must be fitted together. Because of this, you will need to first verify the size and width of the duct to determine if the turning vanes match snugly.


There are several methods to correctly seal the joints of air ducts. The main steps to seal ductwork are to use a silicone-based mostly mastic sealant and a stress-sensitive tape. The tape must not be used as a major sealant and must conform to UL-181A or UL0181B. If you can not afford a sealant, you’ll be able to cover the joints with building grade or fabric mesh. Although the tape might fall off over time, the silicone-primarily based duct sealant will remain.

Connections to other components within the system

Within the ‘Connections’ panel, click the “Plus” sign next to a duct so as to add it to the system. The Select Connector dialog will seem, and the cursor will display the duct’s name. Click the duct so as to add it to the system. You too can edit the duct’s identify and dimension. Connections between ducts needs to be made in the same manner.

Air Duct Installation and Connections 2


Leaks in air ducts is usually a health danger, as they unfold dust throughout the house and can also scatter toxic gases that may be dangerous to human well being. Leaky ducts also pull in air from other areas, such because the basement or storage, which can contain dangerous chemicals and odors. When you discover that your home has an unmistakable smell, leaks in air ducts ought to be investigated. If you loved this information and you would love to receive details concerning Clean Ducts & Vents please visit the web page.

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